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Adaptive silviculture for climate change (ASCC) trial

AD 10
Hub: Petawawa research forest, ON
Year: 2023-2026
Lisa Han

Learning from the past: key stand attributes linked with resilience

AD 2
Hub: All
Year: 2021-2024
Tommaso Trotto, PhD

Rainfall exclusion experiment: the effect of thinning

AD 3c
Hub: Black Brook, NB; Nova Scotia, NS
Year: 2023-2025
Chloe Larstone Hunt, MSc

Climate change and adaptative silviculture: playing to collaborate with a serious game

AD 5b
Hub: All
Year: 2023-2025
Sandrine Paquin, MSc

Silvicultural practices at the pace of global changes: a public policy challenge

AD 8a
Hub: All
Year: 2022-2023
Anne Bernard, PDF

Assisted migration trials: early response

AD 9b
Hub: All
Year: 2022-2025
Jacob Ravn, PhD

Impact of climate change on growth of commercial forest species in Nova Scotia

AN 1c
Hub: Nova Scotia
Year: 2022 - 2024
Florence Leduc, M.Sc.

Tree ring characterization

AN 2
Hub: All
Year: 2023-2025
Emmannuelle Baby-Bouchard, RA

Stem vigour and growth of tolerant hardwoods

AN 4
Hub: Haliburton, ON
Year: 2022-2024
Guillaume Moreau, PDF

Thinning as a tool to increase resistance to stressors (AN6b)

AN 6b
Hub: Quesnel, BC
Year: 2022-2024

Viability of climate-informed, landscape-level strategies

AN 8b
Hub: All (West focus)
Year: 2022-2025
Kirk Johnson, PhD

Optimization of the characterization of burning patterns

OB 1b
Hub: Lac-St-Jean, QC
Year: 2021-2022
Gabrielle Thibault, MSc

Early alert system for forest management

OB 3b
Hub: Estrie, QC; Montmorency forest, QC; Lac-St-Jean, QC; Romeo Malette, ON
Year: 2021-2025
Alexandre Morin-Bernard, PhD

LiDAR stem metrics for tree list models

OB 4b
Hub: Nova Scotia, NS; Estrie, QC
Year: 2024-2025

Identifying and assessing the impact of non-stand-replacing disturbances within a near- real-time context

OB 5c
Hub: Quesnel
Year: 2023-2024
Madison Brown, M.Sc.

Climate-sensitive growth modelling in Ontario

OB 7
Hub: All
Year: 2022-2024
José Riofrio, PDF

Revisiting existing trials

AD 1a
Hub: All
Year: 2023-2025
Ethan Ramsfield

Silvicultural scenarios to promote resilient stand structures (AD3a)

AD 3a
Hub: Quesnel, BC
Year: 2021-2022
Rover Liu, MSc

Salvage harvesting of dead trees

AD 4
Hub: Quesnel, BC; Lac-St-Jean, QC
Year: 2024-2025

Culturally important species

AD 6
Hub: Eastern Townships, QC
Year: 2021-2022
Laurence Boudreault, PhD

White papers: final project outcomes

AD 8b
Hub: All
Year: 2024-2026
Amy Wotherspoon, RA

Climatic drivers of tree growth

AN 1a
Hub: All
Year: 2021
Catherine Chagnon, RA

Wood properties as proxies for past climate conditions

AN 1d
Hub: Ontario and Quebec
Year: 2023-2025
Philippe Riel, MSc

Integration of climate drivers into growth modelling (AN3a)

AN 3a
Hub: Eastern Townships, QC
Year: 2022-2025
Christina Howard, PhD

Targeted assisted migration

AN 5
Hub: All
Year: 2022-2025
João Paulo Czarnecki de Liz, PhD

Tree-level response to thinning

AN 7
Hub: Montmorency research forest, QC; Lac-St-Jean, QC
Year: 2021-2023
Marilou Yargeau, MSc

Flexibility in forest management to preserve caribou habitat

AN 9
Hub: Newfoundland, NL
Year: 2021-2022
Catherine Beaulieu, MSc

Advanced RS: free-to-grow to thinning stage

OB 2
Hub: Romeo Malette, ON; Quesnel, BC
Year: 2021-2025
Liam Irwin, PhD

From theory to action at the Montmorency Forest

OB 3c
Hub: Montmorency Forest
Year: 2023-2024
Recruiting, RA

Continuous forest inventory framework

OB 5a
Hub: All
Year: 2021-2022
Chris Mulverhill, PDF

Metrics for silvicultural prescription

OB 5d
Hub: Black Brook & Acadia, NB
Year: 2023 - 2025

Characterization of regeneration failure in the Canadian boreal forest using satellite imagery and airborne laser scanning data

OB 7
Hub: RM, LSJ, MM
Year: 2024 - 2028
Shaya (Fatemah) Gholami, PhD

Revisiting existing trials II

AD 1b
Hub: All
Year: 2024-2026
Meghan Clayton

Using state-of-the-art technology to achieve multiple forest management objectives (AD3b)

AD 3b
Hub: Quesnel, BC
Year: 2023-2024
Mario Stolz, MSc

Deliberative-analytic framework to engage publics and stakeholders

AD 5a
Hub: Quesnel, BC
Year: 2022-2025
Dane Pedersen, PhD

Visualisation techniques for social commentary

AD 7
Hub: All
Year: 2024-2026
Emanuelle Dufour, PDF

Assisted migration trials: implementation

AD 9a
Hub: All
Year: 2023-20224
Recruiting, RA

Future climate envelopes

AN 1b
Hub: All
Year: 2021-2022
Amy Wotherspoon, PDF

Impact of acute climatic events on tree growth

AN 1e
Hub: All
Year: 2023-2026
Sébastien Dumont, PhD

Integration of climate drivers into growth modelling (AN3b)

AN 3b
Hub: Black Brook, NB; Acadia, NB; Nova Scotia
Year: 2021-2023
Jamie Ring, MSc

Thinning as a tool to increase resistance to stressors

AN 6a
Hub: Quesnel, BC
Year: 2022-2024
Sergio Alonso Sanchez, MSc

Forest management plans for resilient landscapes

AN 8a
Hub: All (East focus)
Year: 2023-2026
Helin Dura, PhD

Regeneration after catastophic disturbance

OB 1a
Hub: Quesnel, BC; Malcolm Knapp, BC
Year: 2021-2024
Sarah Smith-Tripp, PhD

Seasonal mosaics of forest cover

OB 3a
Hub: All
Year: 2021-2023
Micheal Burnett, RA

LiDAR EFI for growth projections: new approaches

OB 4a
Hub: Romeo Malette, ON
Year: 2022-2024
José Riofrío , PDF

Metrics for silvicultural prescription: composition and structure

OB 5b
Hub: MRF, LSJ, MM, Estrie (East Focus)
Year: 2023-2024
Spencer Shields, MSc

New technologies for measurements within stands

OB 6
Hub: All
Year: 2023-2025
Lukas Olson, M.Sc.

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