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Using state-of-the-art technology to achieve multiple forest management objectives (AD3b)

AD 3b
Hub: Quesnel, BC
Year: 2023-2024
Mario Stolz, MSc

As we actively manage recently disturbed sites within the QN Hub site and surrounds for the next generation, our objective will be to determine how can species selection and modified regeneration/stocking levels be used to effectively attenuate wildfire risk, and assess potential impacts on timber and non-timber objectives. A PhD student will assess a number of existing trials already underway examining stand establishment following the 2017 fires and assess their future value through both data collection and modelling, the future uses of the regenerating species mix with respect to commercial and more innovative non-timber products and values. Outcome (AD.3b): Identification of which species, and at what density stands should be re-established to ensure the regeneration of resistant and valuable stands from both timber and non timber perspectives.

Mario Stolz, MSc at University of British Columbia
Main Partners: Future of Forestry Think Tank (British Columbia)
Professor Dominik Roeser

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