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Forest Path

Modelling height growth of temperate mixedwood forests using an age-independent approach and multi-temporal airborne laser scanning data

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Continuous monitoring and sub-annual change detection in high-latitude forests using Harmonized Landsat Sentinel-2 data

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Automated Forest Harvest Detection With a Normalized PlanetScope Imagery Time Series

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Harmonizing multi-temporal airborne laser scanning point clouds to derive periodic annual height increments in temperate mixedwood forests

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Broad-scale wood degradation dynamics in the face of climate change: A meta-analysis

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The changing culture of silviculture

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Seeing the forest through the trees: Collaborative climate-informed forest governance in Quesnel, British Columbia (poster)

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Visual assessment of tree vigour in Canadian northern hardwood forests: The need for a simplified system

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Climate Scenarios for Canadian Forests

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Analysis of a wood production strategy from expert perspectives

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Framework for near real-time forest inventory using multi source remote sensing data

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Single photon lidar signal attenuation under boreal forest conditions

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Thinning as a tool to increase resistance to stressors

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Quantifying the Probability of Decline in Quality: Implications for Selection Management in Northern Hardwood Forests

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Deciphering the black spruce response to climate variation across eastern Canada using a meta-analysis approach

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La multifonctionnalité du territoire forestier dans tous ses états

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Opportunities and limitations of thinning to increase resistance and resilience of trees and forests to global change

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