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Culturally important species

AD 6
Hub: Eastern Townships, QC
Year: 2021-2022
Laurence Boudreault, PhD

Assisted migration will see winners and losers. The implications of species loss is particularly difficult when they hold value for ecological and cultural goods and services. Black ash in QC, for example, is a species of great importance to the Waban-Aki Nation’s cultural and spiritual practices, yet is known to be highly impacted by the introduction of an exotic insect (Agrilus planipennis). Working in the ES Hub and through dialogue and understanding with the Waban-Aki Nation, Laurence Boudreault (MSc) will have for objective to document the properties that give black ash its cultural importance and co-construct potential strategies to maintain cultural activities currently depending on it. Outcome: Co-developed tools and strategies to maintain the weaving activities fundamentally important to the Waban-Aki Nation by ensuring access to quality black ash.

Laurence Boudreault, PhD at Université Laval
Main Partner: Grand Conseil de la Nation Waban-Aki
Professor Alexis Achim
Collaborator Maude Flamand-Hubert

Boudreault, L., Chagnon, C., Gauthier-Nolett, L., Durand-Nolett, M., Gill, D., Flamand-Hubert, M., Achim, A. (2024). Physical and mechanical wood properties affecting the suitability of black ash wood for W8banaki basketry. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. JUST-IN.

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