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Climate change and adaptative silviculture: playing to collaborate with a serious game

AD 5b
Hub: All
Year: 2023-2025
Sandrine Paquin, MSc

With regard to adapting silviculture to climate change, barriers have been identified by forestry practitioners. These include the uncertainties of climate change impact, lack of knowledge transfer between scientists and professionals, lack of governance and, in particular, the lack of social cohesion between professionals and various stakeholders in forest management. It is this last barrier that will be explored in this research project. Using a new innovative social science methodology, known as a 'Serious Game', the potential for collaboration and discussion between stakeholders involved in adaptive silviculture decision making will be explored. The insights, experiences and interactions of the players will be analyzed to determine the potential of this new tool in forestry.

Sandrine Paquin, MSc at Université Laval
Main Partner: Domtar
Professor Maude Flamand-Hubert
Collaborator Alexis Achim

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