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Visualisation techniques for social commentary

AD 7
Hub: All
Year: 2024-2026
Emanuelle Dufour, PDF

A key component of the social dimensions of how adaptive silvicultural strategies are perceived by the general public will be presenting communities with different scenarios. To do so, visualisations of these different scenarios is critical to allow the public to get a sense of how, for example, different thinning regimes would look across the landscape. The advent of 3D data and computer visualisation techniques now allows novel, realistic (in a visual sense) and accurate representations of the forest landscapes managed under different scenarios. An RA with experience in visualisation, design and computer graphics will lead this project. They will bring their expertise to each Hub site and use available ALS data with the objective to allow simulations of scenarios proposed in Silva21. Outcome: A suite of visualisation scenarios that will drive the public consultation and social outreach with communities.

Emanuelle Dufour, PDF, Université Laval
Supervisor: Anne Bernard

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