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Future climate envelopes

AN 1b
Hub: All
Year: 2021-2022
Amy Wotherspoon, PDF

In collaboration with experts on climate modelling, Amy Wotherspoon (PDF) will have an objective to produce consistent, fine resolution and spatially-explicit climate layers of historic trends and future projections for key variables at each Hub. She will assess likely changes in climate at each site, providing insights into how the drivers of tree growth are likely to evolve over time. Once these consistent layers have been produced, Amy Wotherspoon will utilise state-of-the-art species distribution and stand dynamics modelling approaches to map the current and future growth trends of key production species at each Hub, as well as the non-conventional timber species important for First Nations communities. Outcome (AN.1b): Early into Silva21, access to consistent spatial climate variables at all Hubs, and indicators of change of the key climatic drivers.

Amy Wotherspoon, PDF at University of British Columbia
Main Partner: Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
Professor Nicholas Coops
Collaborator Alexis Achim

Thiffault, N., Fera, J., Hoepting, M.K., Jones, T., Wotherspoon, A.R. (2024). Adaptive silviculture for climate change in the Great Lakes-St Lawrence region of Canada. Background and design of a long-term experiment. The Forestry Chronicle. e-First.

Wotherspoon, A.R., Achim, A., Coops, N.C. (2023). Assessing future climate trends and implications for managed forests across Canadian ecozones. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Chagnon, C., Wotherspoon, A.R., Achim, A. (2022) Deciphering the black spruce response to climate variation across eastern Canada using a meta-analysis approach. Forest Ecology and Management, 520: 120375.

Wotherspoon, A., Burnett, M., Bernard, A., Achim, A., Coops, N.C. (2022) Climate Scenarios for Canadian Forests. Silva21, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

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