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Targeted assisted migration

AN 5
Hub: All
Year: 2022-2025
João Paulo Czarnecki de Liz, PhD

Through AN.1b, we will have access to broad-scale species distribution coverages for key species as well as predictions of changes in the distribution of the species under climate change. However, broad scale species distribution changes will not alter short term silviculture decision making. Using predictions of key species and provenances targeted for assisted migration made by AN.1b for all Hub sites, a PhD project will have the objective to develop a framework allowing ecological, silvicultural and socio-economic criteria to be weighed when evaluating the relevance of assisted migration measures. We will evaluate strategies both in terms of the likelihood of establishment success and of reaching harvestable age to assist silvicultural decision-making at a fine scale. Outcome: Spatially-explicit recommendations of silvicultural treatments that will favour success of assisted migration strategies.

João Paulo Czarnecki de Liz, PhD at Université Laval
Main Partner: Domtar
Professor Alexis Achim
Collaborator Nicholas Coops

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