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Adaptive silviculture for climate change (ASCC) trial

AD 10
Hub: Petawawa research forest, ON
Year: 2023-2026
Lisa Han

Empirical studies in Canadian Forests demonstrating adaptive silvicultural responses to global change are needed to allow future testing and monitoring of solutions proposed in Silva21. The 6th North American site of the Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (ASCC) network will be established at the PRF Hub. Based on management objectives and desired future conditions, four treatments will be compared: i.e. ‘control’, ‘resistance’, ‘resilience’ and ‘transition’. In each of the main treatments, renewal scenarios will be tested including site preparation and planting local and novel future-adapted species. The objective of this PhD project will be to study the initial response of these scenarios in terms of survival, height and diameter growth. Outcome: Forest renewal options and guidance on seed source selection and long-term legacy of an experimental site part of a North American network that will inform future forest managers.

Lisa Han, PhD at University of Toronto
Partners: Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
Professor: John Caspersen (University of Toronto) & Charles Nock (University of Alberta)

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