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Fall 2023 updates: community engagement, collaboration and policy

To continue our fall 2023 updates, the Silva21 community met on Wednesday, October 18th to discuss ongoing research projects under the theme of community engagement, collaboration and policy. We heard from our First Nations partners from W8banaki and eight HQPs on multiple research projects! Check out summaries of their updates below.


Deliberative-analytic framework to engage publics and stakeholders - Dane Pedersen, PhD student, UBC

Following British Columbia’s most devasting wildfire season on record, forest-dependent communities are struggling to respond to the rapidly increasing impacts of climate change. In partnership with Nazko First Nation, Dane’s work supports the creation of a Land Use Plan (LUP) for Nazko’s traditional territory. She will conduct a document analysis of forest policies in the Quesnel Timber Supply Area (QTSA) to place the LUP within a larger historical and policy context, illustrating how forest management in British Columbia has developed over time. This exercise will provide clarity on the ways Indigenous knowledge and title was viewed, the series of events leading up to and informing major policy decisions, and how path dependency may constrain future management options. Next, Dane will co-develop an interactive policy “roadmap” will situate the LUP within the colonial policy landscape of British Columbia and Canada, supporting better continuity between the LUP and pre-existing policies where possible. This “roadmap” will empower community members to learn about and respond to natural resource operations taking place on their territory and identify leverage points for meaningful policy change. Through a survey and key informant interviews, Dane will explore how Nazko First Nation, in addition to industry and other stakeholders, perceives climate change, novel silviculture techniques, and the ways in which they may further land management on their traditional territory. In her presentation, Dane speaks to the four subject areas of her conceptional framework – decolonizing methodologies, collaborative governance, politics of knowledge, and decision-making under uncertainty – and how they will inform her research. She also hopes to foster more connections across the social and natural sciences within Silva21 and encourages HQPs and partners to reach out.

Dane Pedersen

PhD student

University of British Columbia

Supervisor: Shannon Hagerman

Project Page

Adaptive silviculture for climate change trials - Lisa Han, PhD student, U of T

Revisiting existing trials - Ethan Ramsfield, PhD student, UAlberta

Flexibility in forest management to preserve caribou habitat - Catherine Beaulieu, PhD student, ULaval

Culturally important species - Laurence Boudreault, PhD student, ULaval

Forest management plans for resilience landscapes - Helin Dura, PhD student, ULaval

Teaching silviculture - Amy Wotherspoon, Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC


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