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Fall 2023 updates: Disturbance and resistant-focused adaptation

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

To continue our fall 2023 updates, the Silva21 community met on Wednesday, October 11th the Silva21 to discuss ongoing research projects under the theme of disturbance and resistant-focused adaptation. We heard from eight HQPs on multiple research projects! Check out summaries of their updates below.


Vulnerability of North American temperate and boreal tree species to acute climatic events- Sébastien Dumont, PhD student, ULaval

Forest ecosystems are undergoing unprecedented alterations as a result of climate change. In particular, the expected increase in the frequency and intensity of acute climatic events such as drought, late frost, and winter thaw events are likely to adversely affect forests productivity. However, the relationships between these climatic events and forest growth remain poorly understood, in part because they have never been studied on a large scale in North America.

The overall goal of this project is to characterize the vulnerability of Canada's major temperate and boreal forest species to acute climatic events. Specifically, in a first step, Sébastien will quantify on a large scale the effect of different climatic stresses on the growth of forest species according to their geographic distribution. The second step will be to identify site- and stand- level characteristics that enhance the resistance and resilience of species to different climatic stresses. The third chapter of the project will aim to provide a biological explanation for the vulnerability of species according to their leaf phenology at the seedling stage.

To address objectives 1 and 2, Sébastien will use a dendrochronological approach to analyze an unprecedented database of 54,896 tree cores collected on 22,378 sites across Canada and the United States, combined with high-resolution daily climate data. The third objective will be addressed by using foliar phenology as a complementary approach to understand the vulnerability of seedlings of the tree species studied in the TransX assisted migration trial.

Sébastien Dumont

PhD student

Université Laval

Supervisor: Alexis Achim

Project Page

Continuous forest inventory framework - Chris Mulverhill, Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC

New techniques to assess reestablishment after severe disturbance and prioritization for remediation measures - Sarah Smith-Tripp, PhD candidate, UBC

Thinning as a tool to increase resistance to stressors - Sergio Alonso Sanchez, MSc student, UBC

Targeted assisted migration; from theory to implementation - Joao Paulo Czarnecki de Liz, PhD student, ULaval

Supplying assisted migration; from theory to application - Jacob Ravn, PhD student, UNB


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