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Globus Portal

The Silva21 Portal is through Compute Canada using the Globus interface. We use it to transfer, store, and share data among collaborators at every institutions. It uses highly secured and backed up facilities to host several TB of data. Examples of data being stored on the portal include LiDAR (and LiDAR-derived products), climate data, shapefiles, raster files, and any additional relevant data.

The online portal's aims are:

  • Create a fast, secure, and easy to use data portal

  • Develop a large database for sharing data among every involved institution across Canada

  • Implementation for long term archive

  • Provide legacy for future research

Accessing Globus


In order to access the data portal, you will need to contact Amy Wotherspoon. LWhen asking to be set up with an access account, please make sure to specify the email address you would like to have linked with your account.

For more specific instructions as to how to access Globus Personal Connect, see the Silva21 Welcome Document


Instructional video for uploading and downloading data on Globus

Ou écouter la vidéo:
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