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Seasonal mosaics of forest cover

OB 3a
Hub: All
Year: 2021-2023
Micheal Burnett, RA

There is a critical need for accurate and timely monitoring for near real time forest condition assessment. The increasing availability of moderate and high-resolution imagery, with daily or weekly repeat, is enabling the regular characterization of entire forest areas. Micheal Burnett will apply and adapt approaches to image fusion and compositing to Sentinel-2, Landsat and Planet multispectral data to produce seasonal composites over large forest areas. Outcome (OB.3a): For each Hub site, an operational coding framework on how to derive seasonal mosaics of forest cover and condition and implement a change detection approach.

Micheal Burnett, RA at University of British Columbia
Main Partner: Kruger Inc.
Professor Nicholas Coops
Collaborator Alexis Achim

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