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Revisiting existing trials

AD 1a
Hub: All
Year: 2023-2025
Ethan Ramsfield

A wealth of past trials exists in Canada on the establishment and growth of species across a wide range of environmental conditions. In some cases, these trials have been actively maintained (including the NEBIE Plot Network in Ontario, a network of 120 2-hectare experimental units located across 4 fire regimes) while others have not been re-measured for significant periods of time. Our objective will be to study the long-term growth responses of trees to various adaptive strategies that have been tested in past trials. After reviewing existing trials, a PhD project will conduct a highly targeted re-measurement program to gather new information where necessary, so that a comprehensive dataset of past trials can be analysed offering key insights into the future responses to adaptive measures proposed in Silva21. Outcome: Key lessons to inform Silva21 projects on the likely impact and success of silvicultural strategies.

Ethan Ramsfield, M.Sc.
Partners: Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (Ontario)
Professor: Brad Pinno
Collaborators: Wayne Bell

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