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New technologies for measurements within stands

OB 6
Hub: All
Year: 2023-2025
Lukas Olson, M.Sc.

New geomatics and forest inventory tools are available to assist in measuring stand structures, which are required for innovative silvicultural operational assessments. These measurement may produce more accurate and cost-effective data than conventional methods, as well as potentially new measurements such as branching, foliage stress, stand structure, currently not available. The objective of this MSc project will be to assess the potential of new technologies such as mobile LiDAR systems, sensor networks and drones to work within forest canopies at key hub sites. Outcome: Recommendations on the best technologies to use for key stand metrics in terms of cost, ease of use and the accuracy of the data generated.

Lukas Olson, MSc at University of British Columbia
Main Partner: Domtar
Professor: Nicholas Coops
Collaborator: Alexis Achim

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