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Assisted migration trials: implementation

AD 9a
Hub: All
Year: 2023-20224
Recruiting, RA

At each Hub, we will devise and implement assisted migration trials with the objective to monitor the growth performance of tree populations adapted to both warmer and colder climates. The study design will be unique because the reciprocal transplantation of genotypes will allow us to assess the vulnerability of northern genotypes to the full range of projected temperature increases, while also assessing the vulnerability of southern genotypes to currently colder conditions, which may determine the initial success of assisted migration initiatives. In collaboration with our stakeholders, an RA will oversee the design and implementation of each trial in year 1, as well as the transfer to partners in year 5. The planted trees will be carefully selected from provincial and private tree improvement programs. Outcome (AD.9a): Long-term legacy of a network of experimental plantations across Canada.

RA at University of New Brunswick
Main Partner: JD Irving
Professor Loïc D'Orangeville

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