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Assisted migration trials: early response

AD 9b
Hub: All
Year: 2022-2025
Jacob Ravn, PhD

After collaborating with the RA to oversee the implementation of each trial, project AD 9a, a PhD student will have for objective to monitor of the early response at each site. They will compare the performance of different genotypes and species within and across sites. This comparison will allow us to (i) estimate the adaptive capacity of cold-adapted genotypes to increasing temperatures, and (ii) identify genotypes from warmer areas well suited for assisted migration at higher latitudes. Outcome (AD.9b): An analysis of the survival and early growth success of the newly established seedlings.

Jacob Ravn, PhD at University of New Brunswick
Main Partner: Department of Energy and Resource Development (New Brunswick)
Professor Loïc D'Orangeville

Ravn, J., D'Orangeville, L., Lavigne, M.B., Taylor, A.R. 2022. Phenotypic plasticity enables considerable acclimation to heat and drought in a cold-adapted boreal forest tree species. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change. 5:260.

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