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The latest from 'Adapt'

For the third consecutive week, we're catching up with our high quality personnel (HQPs) to hear about the latest research projects under the 'Adapt' theme!


In 'ADAPT', research tests innovative silvicultural treatments and forest management strategies adapted to the new socio-environmental reality, thus working to ensure the sustainability of the fibre supply across Canada.


On Tuesday, November 29th, we heard from the following HQPs with projects under the Adapt theme:

Click a name to read their summary

Dane Pedersen (New HQP!) - AD 5a: Deliberative-analytic framework to engage publics and stakeholders

Tenure changes and increased disturbance rates in interior BC are resulting in collaborative models of forest management through, for example, community forests with First Nations representation and, in the case of the QN Hub, the establishment of a forestry think tank initiative. As different adaptive forest management solutions are proposed, as well as silvicultural prescriptions examined, continual dialogue is required with forest professionals, community forest members, and QN think tank participants on their wider implications.

Working with social scientists, Dane's objective to build and apply an analytic-deliberative framework to enhance dialogue around emerging forest plans and scenarios, in order to better understand the diversity of community and First Nations perspectives about acceptable solutions. Additional focus groups and interviews will delve further into the basis of inevitably diverse perspectives and preferred governance solutions that exist in BCs publicly-owned forests so as to generate locally-informed, scientifically sound, and institutionally realistic solutions.

Dane Pedersen

PhD student, UBC

Ethan Ramsfield (New HQP!) - AD1: Revisiting existing trials

Anne Bernard - Project AD8a: Silvicultural practices at the pace of global changes

Sandrine Paquin - Project AD 5b: Climate change and adaptive silviculture: playing with a serious game

Laurence Boudreault - Project AD 6: culturally important species

Catherine Beaulieu - Project AN9: Flexibility in forest management to preserve caribou habitat

Guillaume Moreau - Project AN 4: Stem vigour and growth of tolerant hardwoods

Tommaso Trotto - Project AD 2: Learning from the past: key stand attributes linked with resilience

Rover Liu - Project AD 3a: Silvicultural scenarios to promote resilient stand structures


If you are a member of the Silva21 team and would like to receive a copy of all slides, please email our scientific coordinator (


Our next round of update meetings will take place in Spring 2023!

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