Perceived impacts/risks of migration strategies

AD 5b
Hub: Montmorency research forest, QC; Eastern Townships, QC
Year: 2024-2025
Sandrine Paquin, MSc

Assisted migration of key species into new areas, or with increased abundance, is an important tool that forest managers may use to ensure future optimised growth. Acceptance, however, on this strategy is not universal. An MSc project will have the objective to better understand the perception of various public stakeholders to assisted migration strategies. Using the MRF Hub site in QC as a case study and the analytical framework and tools developed in AD.5a and AD.7, the student will propose assisted migration scenarios with discussion and visualisations, engage with communities of forest users to document the diversity of opinions and perspectives related to their implementation. Outcome (AD.5b): An analysis of the perceived impacts and risks of assisted migration on the landscape.

Sandrine Paquin, MSc at Université Laval
Main Partner: Domtar
Professor Maude Flamand-Hubert
Collaborator Alexis Achim